I would like to share my own feelings and experience of my journey in Troubleyn with Jan Fabre from 2016 until present.
I will focus this letter on purely my beliefs of why I think the company deserves to continue. Through the work and my progress, I will explain a short summary of my time. I would like to acknowledge that not everyone has experienced such a positive and life changing journey as with any company in the field. However, it is important to share the greatness that comes from Jan Fabre and Troubleyn.

From day one I have been encouraged, inspired and motivated to become a better artist. The best version of myself, on and off stage. Jan Fabre has changed my life in so many ways and has shaped who I am today. He and his teachers have given me the tools to reach my full potential of what I call a great artist. Each member of Troubleyn allowed me to express myself through ways in which I did not think were possible. It is Jan’s offering of creative space and freedom that in my opinion generates a language that cannot even be explained.
Not only practically, in gaining knowledge of what it takes to become a great performer, but it is a unique feeling of confidence knowing that anything is possible as an artist. There were demanding times of breaking personal issues within myself. Nonetheless, it was a therapy I needed. A therapy only this work has brought me, also creating extraordinary dialogues between human beings on and off stage. Performing and working for Troubleyn has brought me so much joy and opportunities that I am forever grateful for. Memories and experiences that I will cherish for life.
In my experience, Jan has always pushed me as an artist in a positive way. He has respected my beliefs, intentions and judgments. He has offered me rich information of how to see the world, which has changed my outlook on life. Being better, becoming better and staying better in my craft. Troubleyn has taught me to never set limits and to always be open for growth and change in oneself. I have learnt during my time that it is our responsibility to make change in the world through theatre. We have a voice in which the personal can become the political. It is the work of Fabre that allows a tactile engagement with the body and mind. He allows us to ask questions about how we see the world by transforming what we know it to be. For me this opens up new possibilities within myself and the public. It is a company like no other and deserves recognition for the beauty it creates.

Thank you for taking the time to read my personal letter.
Warm Regards,
Conor Thomas Doherty