I used to work for Jan Fabre from 1986 ’till 1991, during this period of my employment as a dancer I never had or seen anything that was not professional or unethical from Jan Fabre. It was always about work.
During my stay with the company I have learned so much about the theater and dancing that made me what I am today. The discipline and dedication Jan Fabre instilled in me will always be a part of life.
I left the company because I started a family and since then I have been working in the same field with a lot of success.
It was all due to the years I spent with the company, and the vast knowledge about the art that I have learnt through that experience.
I have since been off and on in touch with few colleagues and always following the company’s news and events.
I am completely shocked from the news I have been hearing about Jan Fabre, it is so out of character. I honestly cannot believe after knowing the person first hand and being professionally close during the years we worked together.
And this is why I decided to write this as a testimony for my time spent in his company.

Enrica Barbagallo