I’ve worked with Jan in 1984. I was a member of the original cast of ‘The power of the theatrical madness’. It was only for 12 months that I worked with Jan, because I was always in a hurry, didn’t want to stay to long at one place.
But it was a privilege to work with Jan. And a great pleasure too! It was a very inspiring time, a fun time, a ‘work to the limit and beyond’ time and yes, a confronting time, which is not a bad thing. Looking back on these 12 months only brings back sweet memories. Jan’s workmethods are unusual at times and not for everyone. That’s part of the genius. I’ve never experienced wrong doing or bad intentions. At times we had fierce dicussions about life, love and work, but there it stayed.
A few years ago when ‘The Power of the Theatrical Madness’ was perfomed with a new cast 30 years after it premiered in Venice, all living members of the original cast were invited for opening night in Antwerpen. We were all there. We all came. And we all shared our great memories.
1984 was a good year.
I very much hope for al parties involved that recent events will lead in the end to something good, how difficult that may be to achieve.
And I wish Jan and all others much more succes in theatre.

Erwin Kokkelkoren