I have personally known Jan Fabre since 1999, when I worked with Jan Hoet at the ‘Over the Edges’ exhibition in Gent. It was a professional meeting that from the beginning enriched me a lot and still continues to enrich me. Since then I have invited Jan Fabre to dozens of exhibitions, I have written dozens of texts for him and each time there is a new and exciting adventure. On the occasion of these exhibitions and in the writing of the texts, I was able to attend Fabre, even for very long periods, both in other people’s homes and alone. Sometimes we have made trips alone and I can say that he always and only talked about his artistic (Angelos) and theatrical (Troubleyn) work. I’ve always seen him focused on practical, conceptual and aesthetic issues. This was always and only his concern. He never spoke of other facts than these.

In more than 20 years since I have frequented him, I have never heard of him and act on other facts than these.

This demonstrates the artistic and human integrity of Jan Fabre devoted servant of art and nothing else.

Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, curator