My name is Irene Urciuoli. I’m a young performer, working with Troubleyn since a little time, just a few months. I want to write down my willing to stand for Troubleyn/Jan Fabre because I really think that it’s a space of beauty and creativity that needs to be protected and supported. As a person and as a performer I feel the need to fight to defend art and to defend theater. It is about losing what I’ ve been reaching for and dreaming of and it is about defending what I believe in. I never experienced so much joy and pleasure and freedom in the work. It goes so deep and is so strong that can really change you from the inside. I need this change, I need this transformation, I need to learn more and more and cannot accept that it could end.
I really hope that something so precious and unique can still live in the best way possible and can still inspire people as it has done for many years.
Irene Urciuoli, February 2019