I have worked 18 years for Jan Fabre (12 years as administrator of Troubleyn, later on as administrator of Angelos). Working for Troubleyn I was responsible for the contracts with the artists and all workers not on the fix payroll. I always warned them to be careful to put and keep their barriers. I knew Jan and I knew he was very demanding. Not only for the artists, crew and every one who surrounded him, but also for himself. I was the responsible person who they could turn to when they had complaints about the working of the company. In 18 years I didn’t receive one complaint. On the other side I had a warm contact with the artists so what could prevent them to speak? Not that I was too intimate with Jan, because I was not. Jan and me we respected one another, just as we are; he the artist and me the administrator, nothing less nothing more.
When I had cancer, a very bad one who kept me away from work, Jan supported me; and I was not the only one. When someone was in trouble Jan was there and every one in the company knew, some took advantage, some where happy there was extra help.
I am aware that working in finance (my former carrier ) and working for an artist is something completely different. I can tell anyone, I preferred to work in an artistic environment.
Of course I won’t deny that Jan speaks his thoughts, that can be harsh but when you respect yourself, you respond, that is what I learned as a woman the same age as Jan, what’s wrong with the young ones?