Jan Fabre is the most important experience in my life as a dancer, choreographer, artist and as a woman!
There are no words to describe this experience with Jan, except that I never lived something filled with so much love, strength, craziness and passion, than the time spent with him and his company. To this day, I regret the moment I left the company, because I never experienced such unique moments in my dancing career again. Fabre is passion. Fabre is freedom.
He is a unique artist, who takes you to a unique place. He shares with you art, transgressing limits, acknowledging beauty and being respectful towards you and your work. Dancing on his stage was for me the biggest artistic freedom I ever experienced. Fabre was for me my family and my mentor. Sharing his creative process, he opened my eyes as a choreographer, and made out of me a strong woman who is not afraid to say who I am, what I think and what I feel.
Fabre will stay one of the most important encounters in my life. I am blessed to have shared these moments with him.
Sylvia Camarda