I worked with Jan Fabre for the project “Requiem for a metamorphoses”. I moved from Greece to Belgium and we started working in the building of Troubleyn. Jan Fabre himself welcomed me and made tour to the building, so I immediately felt like home. We started rehearsing and I had a chance to meet him as an artist and as person and I really felt him and everyone there like family. He faces art as a total experience and not as something detached from reality and life. He influenced me artistically and i strongly believe that art is an intense experience. I considered myself only as a dancer back then, and Jan was the one that gave me the chance to act, to deliver text, to perform, to sing and to mix all these forms. He changed me as a performer and i consider him great mentor and teacher.
After finishing working, he was always inviting me to his performances and I always enjoy talking with Jan after. I receive great respect from him an i think he is a giving person that truthfully communicates with his colleagues. I wouldn’t like this great person to be misunderstood by anyone.
I fully support Jan and believe him as artist.

Tassos Karahalios