My experience during the creation of ‘The sound of one hand clapping’ was one of intense professionalism. While working with the artist Jan Fabre I was made aware of his strong, unique vision and the discipline he expected each dancer to put of their own craft into his particular creation process. During this process I never felt intimidated or harassed, nor did I witnessed such behavior to others in the studio. There was a feeling of being pushed to limit but this was core to creation of the piece and its final presentation to the public. The piece itself seemed to be embodying this statement of the artist will, the discipline to create, to share, to be viewed, to be tested and ultimately the willingness to surrender to art itself… thus I understood this to be vital to the creation process of this particular work. This was a learning process that at that time I may have rebuked at moments but I understood more during my own growth and maturity as an artist that it is way of creating I could respect and honor.

Brian Reeder, The sound of one hand clapping, 1989-1990 and 1992-1993