I run a Paris based film production company called Compagnie des Indes. I have been working closely with Jan Fabre for exactly 20 years. We have during these 20 years produced and toured all over the world: in Venice (Italy), Zagreb (Croatia), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Avignon, Paris (France), Anvers (Belgium)… In total, more than twenty films have enjoyed international success.
Over the years, I can testify that beyond the recognized artistic qualities of Jan Fabre, his human qualities are at least as high as his multidisciplinary talent. Loyalty, respect for others, kindness to his employees whether they are artists, technicians or administrative staff are the breeding ground for his success.
Of course these shows as well as his plastic works can sometimes be disturbing, but its freedom, the true spearhead of this artist who imposes himself on the international scene as one of the great ‘agitator of conscience’ of our time, by opening the eyes of spectators and viewers to a new way of questioning the world around us.
Gildas Le Roux, president of La Compagnie des Indes, February 7, 2020