My name is Goran Navojec . I’m a Croatian actor and musician and have worked with Mr Jan Fabre for his creation ‘Orgy of tolerance’ 2008-2009.
I can say with all my assurance, that I have never experienced Mr Fabre being racist, homophobe, bullying his performers or practicing sexual harassment on his workplace.
I can hardly believe that someone who knows the work of Jan Fabre and the spirit in which his work is achieved, can seriously advance those kind of accusations and try to paint Troubleyn as a postmodern dictature camp in which any discussion can’t be possible.
As I was never interested in the personal life of Mr Fabre, I can’t be really useful to testimony of how he was dealing with it. But I can assure anyone who needs, that working and creating together with Mr Fabre will stay one of the most authentic and emotional moments in my artistic and human life!
I am surprised of the lack of public debate that would help to understand and contextualize the relations that are involving all the protagonists of this situation! Hope my testimony will help to go toward this direction .
Goran Navojec, 6 February 2019