I, Hélène van den Wildenberg, Director of the Press Relations Agency CARACAScom, sign this document. As Press Agent commissioned by many Belgian museums (MAC’s Mons, M Leuven, C Mine Genk, Boverie Liège,…), public theaters (Théâtre de Liège, Première scène de Wallonie) and private galleries and Art Fairs, I can say that I had, during 25 years, many opportunities to meet Jan Fabre within the framework of our work. I also met him at many private events (vernissages, dinners in Antwerp, Venice, Brussels and Liège,…).
I certify that I never met Jan Fabre on any of these occasions (between 1995 and 2020) with any other woman than his close administrative staff.
I have never heard any rumour of any kind from women journalists, art curators nor women artists.