Here after signing the letter I would like to add a few words!!
At the age of 19 and just having joined Frankfurt Ballet, working with Jan Fabre has been an unforgettable experience to me. Looking back to this time I just was a little Ballet girl trained very classical to do Swanlake or something like that. Quickly I learned that it is so much fun and fulling to work with real artist who are able to connect to us as human beings and bring out ones character to its fullest!! I guess at that time I have thought not that much and it was difficult to be that high concentrated in Jan ́s rehearsals. Nevertheless, I will always remember that time as an important part of my career. Jan was always very clear with what he intended to get across and with our company to make a special piece. We all had the possibility to speak to him whenever we didn’t feel right or couldn’t understand his own thoughts about the tasks given to us. I do recall, laughing with him, he is a very funny and nice man, able to joke about himself and very amusing to spend with. The after-show time in the canteen was always fun!!!
I would like to let you know that I strongly believe that Jan is a unique great artist and Belgium should be proud to have him as a member of other famous artist!! In our time today we are forced to watch and see so many bad shows, just a repeat of what we have seen and see. Any show of Jan will prove something amazing, watching his artists doing their show is breathtaking. I truly hope despite all these discussions, it should never be forgotten what kind of fame he has brought to Belgian dancers and artists wanted and let’s hope will give a lot to be able to be part in of his production.
I wish that ever one will consider the good and may be the bad, but for me their is no question Troubleyn has to keep existing and Jan has to be creative, that is his nature !!
Irene Klein