I have known Jan Fabre since early 90s and I have been working with him on a regular basis for the past 15 years mostly on his visual projects through his company Angelos. I admire his work and have always been keen to be attentive to his oeuvre, as a whole. Thus, I have also occasionally worked with Troubleyn in order to assist and facilitate the company’s performances in Greece. I have, therefore, a personal and an overall understanding of his complex personality, as well as of his ethos and moral stands towards his collaborators and colleagues.
I stand confidently by Jan Fabre considering the fact he is an artist that he has been always honouring his team and collaborators. An example of this is the fact that he is one of the few artists working with the same people for more than thirty years. I have been lucky to be his friend and collaborator. As we all know, many artists have been hit and targeted because of their unconventional and uncompromising temperament. However, it is mostly because of them that art and culture were able to move forward.
Knowing Jan Fabre I think this unfair attack is very unfortunate and unjust.