Dear Mr. Gatz,
I have signed the petition of the company Troubleyn. Because in my case things are a bit different, I would like to add this note. It is some time ago that I have worked as an actor with Jan Fabre. This experience was quite intensive and I remember many details of that period as if it was yesterday. It was not always easy to try to fulfil Jan Fabre’s requests on stage, quite the contrary. But in my humble opinion the results were impressive, and I can assure you, I never felt like a beaten dog.
The whole campaign now damages not only the presence and future of the theatre company Troubleyn, but also casts a cloud over the history of theatre.
But we must be very glad that today the #metoo movement exists. Not so long ago famous artists were simply shot down by their ex-coworkers, like Andy Warhol. And it is not easy to judge their reasons, neither then nor now.
I think that the heavy storm that nowadays occurs in the media sooner or later will calm down. I hope that Jan Fabre and his coworkers find their way back to healthy live and working conditions. And I am sure, dear Mr. Gatz, that you and your coworkers in the Flemish Ministry of Arts will do all your best to convoy Troubleyn, this flagship of the avantgardistic theatre scene, the pride of Belgium, savely through the waves.
Sincerely, Tobias Lange