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Press releases

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Who are we?

We are collaborators of Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, both past and present, as well as professionals from different backgrounds in art, culture, humanities, and science.

What are we about?

We cannot agree with the methods used to accuse Jan Fabre and his company Troubleyn. We cannot agree that some individuals and organisations act as judge, jury and executioner using an Open Letter as a weapon to commit a character murder on an artist and his organization. We are truly astonished observing how the distortion of facts, lack of contextualization, intellectual simplification and generational conflict all lead to the polarization that is affecting our lives, our work environment, and our society.

We have decided to give our point of view on the narrative made on Troubleyn/Jan Fabre and highlight the circumstances that transpired in this detrimental situation, by sharing different perspectives and experiences, and so consequently to ReFrame this narrative. We feel that our experience is an example of greater issues that raise questions about fundamental human rights, artistic freedom, freedom of expression, acknowledgement of responsibilities within the creative space, etc.

The drift that we are observing in the cultural field as well as within the whole society seriously concerns us. While the #Metoo movement was spurred from inequities that many women have experienced, its misuse has created new injustices, such as the Cancel Culture and public shaming. Our goal is to explore the underlying mechanisms that have led to these injustices resulting in the current chilling climate of polarization in intellectual and artistic life.
Pursuing a course on these subjects led us to establish the ReFrame platform.

How do we want to address these topics?

The ReFrame Platform consists of 4 sub platforms, each with its specific content and approach:

  1. ReFraming the narrative of Troubleyn/Jan Fabre
    The voices of current and past performers and collaborators sharing their experiences and perspectives in working with Troubleyn and Jan Fabre.
  2. The Experts’ Frame (The social dimension)
    On this platform, we will initiate writings, gather and publish articles, interviews, presentations, etc. experts in (social) sciences and art.
  3. The Artists’ Voices (The artistic dimension)
    Artists are given the possibility to share their perspective through their art.
  4. My Frame (The personal dimension)
    Everyone who wants to share their writings, works, thoughts, opinions or experiences – at the individual or organizational level – to inspire or support others, are invited to do so.

In time the ReFrame platform will become a collection and exchange of diverse, critical and constructive thinking accessible to all and will hopefully inspire anyone interested in these subjects.

We feel that creating a space for intersecting perspectives will lead us to achieve a greater understanding of the present to create a future that is respectful to the values of all.

© Reframe Platform - all right reserved